VGS is are proud to see progress of our students. They are using the time constructively & Learning from Home. Please go through few updated pictures.

English Language

Topics Kinds of SentencesSUBJECT AND PREDICATEExercise Subject & Predicate PARTS OF SPEECH Noun. Adjective. Pronoun. Verb. Adverb. Preposition. Conjunction. Interjection. The PHRASE and …
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Middle School (Class 6th-8th)

VGS students realize that one needs to acquire knowledge in life from all means. Check on how our Middle School Students are learning from Home …
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Junior School (Class 1st-5th)

VGS Junior students realize that each day means some fun, some study, & lots of learning while having fun! Check on how our Junior Students …
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Toddler School

Life is all about playing & learning. After all VGS ensures that for Toddler students learning is no different from Playing. Check on how our …
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Teachers are not left behind & they are also working hard from home. Check few of them in action, working to ensure the students are guided properly & learn things.