1.  No overnight guests (Either Parents/Guardians, friends or anyone else) are allowed in Hostel without permission of Warden.
  2. No student will be allowed to visit other student’s room after 9:00 PM. He must stay in his room only.  Any violation will attract a fine of Rs. 100/- .
  3. Hostel will remain closed from 8:00AM to 1:30PM. No student will remain in hostel during school hours unless permitted by Principal. Students found staying back in hostel without such permission will be subjected to disciplinary actions and on repeating the same, they could be expelled from the hostel.
  4. The rooms, common areas and surroundings of the hostel should be kept clean and hygienic.
  5. In case of damage to or loss of hostel property the cost will be recovered from the students responsible for such damage or loss, if identified, or from all the students of the wing/hostel, as decided by the Warden.
  6. If any Student intends to leave hostel for any reason whatsoever, he will have to give an application prior to one month. In All such cases student will have to submit Registration Fee for Hostel.
  7. All the students must take permission from Principal for going out from the hostel for any reason.
  8.  In case any student has to stay out of hostel for a day or more for any reason, he has to inform the warden and take his permission.

VGS- Hostel Time-Table

1Morning wake up call05:00 AM
2Warm up5.15 AM to 6 AM
3Bathing and Dressing up6 AM to 6.30 AM
4Morning Study Session6.30 AM to 7.45 AM
5Breakfast7.45 AM to 8.00 AM
6SCHOOL HOURS – Morning Session8.00 AM to 01.30 PM
7Lunch01.30 PM to 2.00 PM
8Rest2.00 PM to 3.00 PM
9Home work3.00 PM to 5.00 PM
10Evening Refreshment & Sports5.00 PM to 6.00 PM
11Evening Study Session (Hostel)6 PM to 8.00 PM
12Dinner8.00 PM to 8.30 PM
13Hostel Attendence8.30 PM to 8.45 PM
14Night Study Session (Hostel)8.45 PM to 10.00 PM
15Light Off 10.00 PM