The hostel at Vision Global School provides the following facilities for its students:

  1. Mess: The mess provides delicious healthy vegetarian food and prescribed by a good dietician. Although the menu is fixed it ensures that every child gets his full nourishment of proteins and vitamins.
  2. Dining Hall: Every room has a dining area to accommodate all the students and is essentially kept clean. Food is served to them in hot cases. Dinner time is from 7:30pm to 8:30pm, so that the students could digest their food easily. Breakfast is served from 7:00am to 7:30am. This is followed by a snack break during the school recess time. Lunch is served at 2:00pm. Light snacks is again served at 4:30pm. While milk is served at 9:30pm.
  3. Toilets and bathing rooms: Clean toilets and bathing rooms are provided to the students in the ratio of 1:3.This to ensure that there is no confusion during rush hours. With a maintenance department in place the school ensures that the health and hygiene of the students is of primary importance. Bathing rooms have fitted with geysers so that students can avail of hot water facility during the winters.
  4. Pastoral Care: Every room in the hostel accommodates 8 students. Each student will have one tutor to take care of the pastoral needs of the students. This includes waking up in the morning, exercise and yoga, getting ready for school, taking meals, evening studies, compulsory evening games etc.   Separate wardens –one male and one female are overall in charge of the boys and girls hostel. Everything from administration to maintenance to laundry services comes under the jurisdiction of the hostel wardens.
  5. Medical Health and facilities: There is a full time nurse on the school rolls to look after the medical needs of the students. Besides there is a regular Doctor on call, who visits the school once every month. While the doctor conducts the routine check-up of the students the nurse maintains the health card of the students. This is to ensure that the health of the students is constantly on our radar.
  6. Library & Computer facility:We provide separate library and computer facility to the students. Host of referral books, projects, etc. are available for student reference. Similarly separate computer is available for any project work/programming requisite. Student will be provided facility to communicate with guardians/parents via email.
  7. Meeting with parents/local guardian: Under normal conditions parents are allowed to meet their wards on all second Sundays of the month. Local Guardians are however allowed to meet their wards every Sunday except the second Sunday. Parents and guardian are allowed to give their wards light snacks like cookies etc. However junk/fast food of any kind is strictly prohibited on the campus.