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    VGS is a progressive minded school. We have always encouraged our students to prepare themselves where threats may be transformed …

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    School labs are a great place for students which help them enhance their learning by understanding the theoretical concepts of science, …

  • Student Development

    Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan used to famously say, ‘I often wonder why do colleges make young and energetic people stay indoors …

  • Value Education & Character Building

    We often stress too much on Personality Development and forget the most essential part; Character Building of a young child. At VGS …



At vision we can feel the shape of things to come at the global level. Our school will take care to equip your child for a distinguished name in that tomorrow.

Vision Global School offers an environment that is skilfully utilised for the purpose of proper motivation. Well thought of and well-planned learning situations and activities are provided to each child to enable him or her to undertake and fulfil personal responsibilities, as well as to evolve progressive ethical standards. Students are taught to seek truth in thought, as well as in action, and to act fearlessly upon the principles in which they have firm faith. They are kept in intimate touch with the living present, and are taught to make the best use of the wisdom of past in day-to-day affairs. Teachers are the most important catalysis in the development of a child’s personality and character. A highly qualified and experienced team is there at the school to provide an innovative educational input. A senior board , comprising of veteran educationists, selects the teachers.

Aligarh is worldwide renowned for higher education imparted at AMU. Need was always felt for a similar distinguished education system at school level. With this view we are coming with a world class ICSE curriculum based education center for primary and higher education at Aligarh. Spread on around 40 acres of land on main Aligarh- Agra highway. World class campus equipped with modern amenities, labs, library, & sports facilities and other activities and provides a true global class of education at Aligarh.

Group Photo Session 2021-22

The school, from its very inception has a clear vision that is based on the bedrock of discipline. Every aspect of a child’s personality has to be developed along with the pursuit of academic knowledge so that our students are empowered to become fine leaders, ones with a strong foundation in ethical and moral behaviour. The result of this vision and its implementation will be to equip our children for life in the outside world where we hope they can take their rightful place as leaders in society – all the while making a positive and meaningful change in society as a whole.
“April 3, 2015 marks a significant milestone in our journey as we celebrate obtaining Permanent Affilation from CISCE, a testament to our unwavering commitment to academic excellence”.

Center for Developing Child (CDC)

At VGS we earnestly wish to ingrain human values of cooperation, compassion, empathy, fairness and concern in all our children. We focus on developing resilience, grit, persistence, self-control, curiosity, conscientiousness, critical thinking and self-confidence as constituent characteristics of our students; which would ultimately aid them in leading a more fulfilling and satisfied life.

The Center for Developing Child is an unique initiative of Vision Global School which is intended to be the focal point for understanding, enhancing and integrating the efforts of school children and staff in developing citizens of character.


Student Development

Activities are elixir to learning!

Student Development cannot remain limited to books and curriculum, and certainly her progress and development cannot be measured by Report Cards & Results alone!
A student’s day at VGS is full of activities and fun. While Sports and Games form an integral part of the curriculum; Art, Craft, Music, and Dance classes are also given prominent place in the time table. There are regular Inter House Competitions in Debate, Elocution and Sports and Music. Weekly Hobby Clubs enable student to advance their passions.

Extra Curricular

Extracurricular Activities or Extra Academic Activity (EAA)The school calendar incorporates number of extracurricular activities in diverse forms such as sports, …

School Functions & Events

All national functions and festivals are celebrated at VGS with zest and vigor. Children just need a reason to celebrate …

Music & Dance

Life without music is like a river without water! VGS has separate Music as well as Dance Room with instructors …

Games & Sports

Games and Sports form an integral part of curriculum with regular periods in time table for all classes. Our students …