VGS goes Online

Dear All,
We are facing extreme challenging times due to Corona Virus. However even in Lockdown we firmly believe that education need not stop. VGS Staff has come forward bravely and accepted the challenge of arranging Online Classes for you all. We are well aware that it won’t be easy transformation and both students and staff will encounter problem. Please remember that Humanity has survived, and even thrived, in adverse conditions. We humbly want all of you to come forward and bravely embark on this journey towards using your time constructively.

Information on Zoom Classes

Dear Parent,
As we are starting with our Zoom classes from 3rd April ,2020 onwards. Everyone has to download the zoom app. Incase of any confusion do refer to the instructions below-
To download on laptop/iPad 
1. Go to Google
2. Download zoom app
3. Sign in with google
4. Join a meeting 
5. Enter meeting I’d and password provided by the class teacher.
To download on Mobile 
1. Go to play store 
2. Download zoom app
3. Sign in with Google 
4. Join a meeting 
5. Enter id and password

Happy learning and stay safe.

Dear Students,
Your class time table with login id’s and password for each class will be sent on class whatsapp group will be sent by afternoon for the next day. Please look properly and login in your sections only as the teacher will be taking attendance and follow all the instructions given accordingly.

Study Material/Resources