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Book List

The below list is not complete or exhaustive in any way. Rather it should be treated as an entry point, tools which can lead you …
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English Language

Topics Kinds of SentencesSUBJECT AND PREDICATEExercise Subject & Predicate PARTS OF SPEECH Noun. Adjective. Pronoun. Verb. Adverb. Preposition. Conjunction. Interjection. The PHRASE and …
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Student Development

Activities are elixir to learning! Student Development cannot remain limited to books and curriculum, and certainly her progress and development cannot be measured by Report Cards & Results …
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Think Ahead

VGS is a progressive minded school. We have always encouraged our students to prepare themselves where threats may be transformed into opportunities, where losses can …
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Everyday task

Daily Work Sheet

Dear Students,Each day is made up of 24 hours, which in turn are made of 60 minutes. Each minute has clock ticking 60 times in …
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Pre-Session Project Work

Dear Students,Kindly use the time to work on the below projects assigned for Junior, Middle & Senior Classes.PrincipalVGS Project for each ClassAdd a header to begin …
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Daily Staff Well Being Update

Click to submit Daily Update Dear Friends, We are facing an unprecedented time which requires us to be composed. History tells us that our human race has survived & …
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Grand Parent’s Day

Toddler Wing of VGS celebrated Grand Parent’s day ‘Ek Subah, Daada Dadi ke Sath’. All grand parents were invited in a vibrant and joyful function …
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Activities & Extra-Curricular

At student day at VGS is full of activities and fun. While Sports and Games form an integral part of the curriculum; Art, Craft, Music, …
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