Education for a smarter future

Words of Vision: Foreword by the Principal

Vision Group of Institutions had organized a symposium ‘Smart Education for a Smarter Future’. Vision Global School actively participated in the symposium and in the cultural events organized on the eve. The theme and focus of the symposium was Education for a Smarter Future whereby every child will be able to seek the right knowledge, will be self- reliant, and will become a contributing and responsible global netizen.

The event turned out to be an excellent opportunity to channelize the creative potential of our students towards constructive pursuits. The talent must come into action; the concealed must find fertile soil to grow and develop

We aim high and big by providing a congenial environment with diverse opportunities for the students to hone their skills and enhance their innovative abilities. The various modes of expression prepared and presented by the students in the event brought about an awareness towards the major global challenges of the next century, along with reflection on how technology may assist to meet these challenges. The concern of the students towards global issues, along with firm grasp of technology, at this tender age was duly noted and highly appreciated by the Honorable Education Minister Shree Jitin Prasada and other dignitaries of Aligarh Muslim University.

As you sow, so you reap,. None can refute this truth. Let us sow seeds of positivity, sustainable development, humanitarianism, peace and harmony. Let us invest wisely with a view of building a saner world where technology shall be used , not to destroy but to preserve and sustain!

Mrs. Sandhya Agarwal
Vision Global School

A Step, a Leap: Function Report from Teacher’s Podium

Genius is 1% talent and 99% percent hard work.

Albert Einstein

The Symposium Education for a Smarter Future organized by Vision Group of Institutions was indeed a new dawn of learning and understanding of our bigger role in world for the entire Vision Global School fraternity. We undertook the function as an step towards not only moulding VGS students into creative and innovative technocrats, but also accosting them with the challenges of the future and expectations the entire world has from the generation next. The social awakening for the students before they venture out in their professional life is extremely essential, and this function succeeded in this part fully!

Teachers of Vision Global School had a huge responsibility of bringing out the best of talents in the students within a very short span. The task was humongous, and in fact it was a big learning curve for us teachers too. We were definitely aware of the Global Issues, and challenges of the coming decade, but had hardly given so much thought to analyze these details. Going through the reports of World Economic Forum and various research papers while preparing notes for the students, we were ourselves absorbed by all that was happening around us, or was bound to happen if we did not act fast. We had the added responsibility of not only understanding the fine prints, but also to bring them out in simple words for our students to understand and thereafter prepare projects, models, charts, and other display themes.

It required a dedicated team work, and the praises we won in the event proved that we had accomplished our task to a great extent. Our students had put up a great show for the dignitaries and visitors. All of our exhibitions were highly proclaimed by the visitors. The time people spent at our stalls- from the Chief Guest, to visiting dignitaries and Professors from reputed colleges, is in itself a proof of our quality. The panelists not only appreciated the innovative ideas and techniques used by the students but also suggested further ways through which the students could understand and bring out their message using pen, paper, lens and technology.

Vision Global School was also entrusted with the responsibility of preparing number of cultural events for the function. Our team Art & Craft Teachers, and Music & Dance Staff got an excellent opportunity to showcase the talents of the students. Our team had been working diligently for quite some time, and we made the best use of this window afforded to us by our organization. We prepared different acts incorporating Theme based Dance Act, few group dances, and few other programs. We have no hesitation in informing that all of the performances by our students left the audience spell bounded. Guests were thrilled to see young students of Vision Global School performing in what can certainly be compared to performance by professional artists. There was no hesitation, no stage fear, no reticence. Our performers let it go; bringing out their inner feelings in their performance. It was truly something worth enjoying and applauding.

Finally students were awarded certificates of participation by the Honourable Chief Guest.

I personally feel that as teachers our primary concern is to provide a learning environment for the students which will be best suited to meet their needs. There are many different opinions as to what is the most effective or appropriate pedagogy for the students. I do not believe there is any one philosophy that can provide the ideal curriculum, or way of teaching for each and every student. There are numerous methods of teaching, and also numerous ways to learn. Education on the whole should be more flexible and inclusive. It is essential that we keep this in mind as we help the students to achieve their goals and discover their talents. It is not a conveyor belt or assembly line to finish the product. Each child is different. We need to encourage them to try new things. Curiosity and creativity are the essence of learning.

While preparing for the Education for a Smarter Future, going through all the materials, exhibitions and seriously checking on the Global Issues of the coming future, it has further strengthened my resolve to assist each child to search for his/her individuality and to grow in all dimensions. This would perhaps justify my role as a teacher!

Ms. Afifa Afzal
Vision Global School

Glimpses of the future: Report from Student Desk

Without leaps of imagination or dreaming we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming after all is form of planning

Gloria Steneim

“Coming together is the beginning,

Keeping together is Progress and

Working together is Success”.

On the 11th of December 2021 a Symposium on “Education for a Smarter Future “, was organised at VIT Campus showcasing the different events from class 8 to 12 students , which attracted a massive crowd from all parts of the city. From Charts to high-tech working and non-working models, Vision Group could be seen bustling with creativity as the students showcased their hidden talents.

The day began with inauguration of the programme by Honourable Shree Jitin Prasada (Technical Educational Minister) , Industrialists, professors of esteemed Aligarh Muslim University and 

Principals of Public and Private Schools which was followed by Saraswati Vandana – a dance performance by class 10 students and a dance – drama on women upliftment by class 8 students.

Exploring through the exhibition the Chief Guest was found interacting with students of various categories, questioning them on their models and charts. There were four categories displayed by the students namely working models , non- working models on latest technology and charts on Technology, Entrepreneurship and paintings on Technology and Global Challenges. Along with the Chief Guest  the other dignitaries were found praising the students for their hard work and efforts that they had put in. The students in turn , displayed and presented their models with enthusiasm.

Each category was judged by a jury . The students gave the explanation of various models to the dignitaries. Everybody was seen listening keenly to the participants and interacting with them.

The visit to exhibition was followed by Panel discussions on ‘ Technological challenges and Global challenges’ which we were less interested in but there was a healthy discussion amongst the different groups of Panelists which continued for about an hour and our chairman, Director and Principal were thoroughly engrossed and enjoying.

The second phase of events was far anxiously awaited by the audience as they could hear the sound of our anklets and see us peeping from the green room . We did so because we were really tired waiting for so long before our presentation. Indeed our teachers were a blessing in disguise , they not only motivated us with their comforting words but also helped us to keep our morale high.

My heart throbbed when I heard the announcement for classical dance and we joyfully entered the stage . Soon after our performance we heaved a sigh of relief as we got to sit and watch the next performance a Modern Indian Dance by our talented and unique seniors .

Eventually we were waiting anxiously to listen to our dear minister’s praiseworthy words. We were highly impressed when he spoke about empowerment of women and invited our principal on to the stage .

Comparing students to a sponge he spoke about the dignity of the teachers and asked the students to hold their teachers in high esteem.

He appreciated and declared our Chairman and the institution- Vision Group as the best in the city. He also blessed and advised our Chairman to link the industry – institution connect deep into the villages and to convert the village youth to high- tech technocrats for a developed India . His maximum focus was on women education and requested our chairman to give ample opportunities to girl students and maintain at least a fifty-fifty ratio of boys and girls strength in this esteemed institution.

Towards the end our Principal

congratulated the participants of the exhibition , cultural function and the laurels the Taekwondo team achieved in Winter’s Cup 2021 and thanked the teachers and non- teaching staff for their cooperation. Our principal also promised us that she would expand the extracurricular activities in the school for the students , to inculcate in them the scope and spirit of healthy competition to excel at all levels, so that the students are groomed in the “ Art of living and working together “.

Our Director Sir thanked the Chief Guest, all the dignitaries and visitors, and declared the event a grand success.


Arjun and Aryan
Class 9.

My Life, my Dreams : Observation by a Student


I, Shalini Singh, student of Class 9, was a member of the Program Managing Committee of Vision Global School. My entire team was responsible for organizing and managing number of events in the program like welcoming the guest, displaying the exhibition, responding to the questions put by guests and ensuring that things functioned smoothly. Few of us were given the charge of managing the cultural events organized by VGS. We truly felt extremely happy to be entrusted with such serious responsibilies, though at times it left us in awe too. We learnt new things like  etiquettes and communication skills necessary to welcome the guests, the way to represent ourselves, and certainly the need to work according to a deadline. Adhering to the covid protocols was another challenge for us. 

The theme of the symposium was Global Challenges. Our teachers held a number of lectures and workshops where by we got to know about the challenges our generation is expected to face in the coming years. It was certainly extremely serious, and even alarming. Though we all were aware of issues like Global Warming, few of us also got to know for the first time things like inequality in the society and challenges arising from it. We held a number of discussions on challenges being brought into the front by rapid use of technology. This had us thinking and arguing for hours. Few of us felt technology cannot ever bring any harm, whereas few others were not so sure. 

The second part of the event was Technology. Our teachers worked overtime and we got to know about so many technologies, their use, and how we could use them to meet the global challenges of the next century. I personally took an active interest in Artificial Intelligence. Few of my friends took upon the challenges in the Medical and Healthcare sector with the use of technology. It was so exciting. The full school was talking about technology, preparing models, charts, writing codes, designing presentations. I cannot even tell the learning experience we had in a short time. Suddenly we had a door opened to us where we could see, and even build the future!

Finally in the function it came as a surprise to many that students at VGS were well aware about the new technologies. Even the Chief Guest, Honorable Minister for Education Shree Jitin Prasada spent a lot of time in VGS stalls. He asked us many questions and went through all of our models. We felt so thrilled. The other guests like Professors from AMU, a few industrialists, and Principals from other schools also were keen to check our display. Though honestly I feel we were not able to answer all the queries, but none of the guests had any complaints. We only got smiles and cheers. We felt really encouraged. 

I would like to specially mention the students who participated in the cultural events. We organised a number of dances, and other events. I was personally more involved in the exhibition part, but all of our cultural events won lots of praises from all the spectators. Right from the Chief Guest, to the visiting dignitaries, were left spell bound by the performance of Vision Global School. We had a number of guests meeting our Principal Mam after the function with praises and encouraging words on our performance as a whole.  Overall the programme was very useful.I think there must be more programmes like this in future.

Shalini Singh
Class 9 A
Vision Global School

Honor Rolls: List of Participants

SNModel NameStudent Name Class
1HemodialysisSweta Diwakar11th
2Digestive SystemAnjali Tomar II11th
3Sanitizer DispenserHiten Sharma, Vishnu Singh, Mohd. Ujaif11th
4Steam EngineManmohan Solanki11th
5Solar SystemDevanshu Rawat, Love Sharma & Dharmik Varshney8th
6Water Drip IrrigationHarsh Kumar, Parthav Singh & Kunal Parashar9th
7Water CycleAryan Sharma, Arjun Sharma, Arya Verma & Ram Agrawal9th
8Hydraulic BridgeHimanshu Kumar, Krishna Sharma & Surya Pratap Singh9th
SNChart TopicStudent NameClass
1Improved education through technologyNavneet Chauhan9th
2Technology in 21st century classroomAditya Sharma9th
3Future of educationSachin Kumar Tomar & Atiya Rehmani9th
4Technology- at our fingertipHarsh Kumar9th
5Application of IoTAlice Shekhawat9th
6Technology with educationDivyanshi Sharma9th
7Cloud networkMohit Tomar9th
8Cyber securityArya Verma9th
9Cloud computingAryan Sharma9th

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