31st January 2023 witnessed a series of mixed emotions in the premises of  Vision Global School when the students of class 11 bid farewell to the outgoing students of class 12. The students of class 12 were beautifully attired. A touching farewell speech was presented by Director Major Ramesh Chand. He expressed his hope that students will continue holding best positions in upcoming board exams. He also stated that our students are disciplined, well mannered, punctual responsive and industrious. The students were awarded with suitable titles and mementos. Three mesmerising dance performances by the students and musical acts enthralled the audience . Many interesting rounds were conducted to decide Mr. Farewell and Ms. Farewell . Hiten Sharma and Anjali were adjudged  Mr. Farewell and Ms Farewell respectively. The Head boy of the session sang a beautiful song. The baton of responsibilities were passed on  to the newly elected Head Girl and Head Boy from  class XI(Science). The programme came to an end with  a motivational speech by Principal Mrs Sandhya Agrawal . She inspired the  students to become men and women of values rather than men and women of success.

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